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At Glen Afric, we strive to make the most of each day, giving our best to each and every animal on this farm. Volunteers assist us in making the animal's lives the best that they can be! Volunteers work on projects that are designed to improve the living conditions of all our animals, as well as the areas used by the guests and staff on the farm. Volunteers work six days per week. Saturday is a quick check on everything on the farm – and then some fun activities will be organised. For example a visit to Lesedi Village (our neighbouring ethnic village) or Chameleon Village – where the local population sells their African curios. The programme is designed to be both educational and fun! It will be a 'once in a lifetime experience'. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL IS FOR VOLUNTEERS TO ENRICH THEIR LIVES AND THE LIVES OF THE ANIMALS THEY WORK WITH!


Projects may include (but not limited to): • Construction of a rock pool for the tigers to swim in • Building a shaded lookout to view our vultures feeding • Maintenance of roads (filling, scraping, levelling, etc.) • Removal of intruder plants e.g. weeds • Removal of alien species of plants • Cutting grass in lion, tiger, leopard and cheetah camps, removal of bones, cleaning and refilling of water troughs • Trimming of trees alongside the roads • Working with the animals that are used in films and commercials • Walking with Big Cats • Caring for sick or injured animals • Help with the fencing project – to enlarge the farm – so as to provide more grazing for the animals
We also try and fit in some weekly “fun” activities, such as: • Stargazing – looking at stars in the Southern Hemisphere • Elephant Walks • Game Drives • Lion Cub Walks (dependent on whether we have cubs at the time) • Birding • Fishing – for both guys and girls! • Horseriding • Movie night – watching DVD’s of movies filmed at Glen Afric • Hot chocolate and marshmallow night - this occurs early on in the programme so that volunteers all get to know each other and the different countries they all come from!

Courtesy: Jon Watson

Courtesy: Marc Schneider

The Glen Afric Volunteer Experience is a once in lifetime opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of animals on a working African farm. The animals you will work with are some of the finest wildlife species ranging from our majestic elephants, lions & cheetahs to our friendly mongoose. For more information on the Glen Afric Volunteer Experience contact one of our agents listed below: South African Volunteer Experience (SAVE) www.volunteering.org.za bookings@volunteering.org.za Volunteer Southern Africa (VSA) www.volunteersa.com info@volunteersa.com
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